02 January 2015

January 2015

Eww. It's been awhile.

Let's recap 2014. I kinda failed on the remembering to transfer money to my savings account each week for the 52 week challenge. BUT I did have that Ally account set up and managed to save quite a bit of money. Between direct deposit and NOT adding it to my money/bill paying rhythm, I was able to forget about it for most of the year. I did take money out twice - once for an unexpected bill and once yesterday to pay off a credit card. The best part ... still have money in that account.

There isn't any reason to STOP putting money from my check since I haven't really missed it and I've been earning interest so that pay will keep going.

I did successfully complete my Goodreads challenge and I read 20 books in 2014. Here is the link if you want to join me for the 2015 challenge. I decided to up the ante and go for 30 books.

On the laundry front, the homemade detergent from July is just about gone. I've used up almost all the ingredients I purchased so this week I went to Wally world and stocked up again. I was able to save myself $5 this time since I already had the scoop and container. I did have to make more about 3 months in and realized that it would nice to just do the whole batch in one go. We get our dishwasher tablets from Costco and I kept the fancy plastic tub they come in. I think between the two containers I will have enough storage. We'll find out tomorrow. :D

Stay tuned ... I have another post coming soon about my meal planning challenge for January.

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