01 January 2014

2012 YIR: December

Looks like we made it ... Yeah, I don't know any other of the lyrics either. I'm glad I pushed myself to finish this YIR even if it took forever.

I love Christmas just not as much as Halloween but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the holiday. Hallmark ornaments are big in our family. Here are some of the sweet Batman ones I own along with some newer additions.


Our tree looks pretty fancy for being fake... I'm quite proud of this purchase. It's prelit with berries and pine cones. We got it on super clearance from Lowe's last January (2011). It was a random purchase because I didn't' even realize they sold Christmas stuff until that day. Lame, I know.

We changed it up a bit this year and, instead of freezing our asses off in the Frozen Wasteland, we headed south to Florida. This was my first Christmas home in 8 years and we had a wonderful time. Here I am with my brother, Oscar (drastudio), in my fancy as shit Ravenclaw robe from Harry Potter land. All in all a wonderful visit home and a great way to end the year.

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