07 February 2013

2012 YIR: October

Margie and I started a new tradition of kicking it at Friday's on the weekends when we share a night off. It's fun and we have a great time with the bartender.

Of course, I love Halloween. Prepping for my favorite holiday is something I love to do.

We enjoyed a fun day in Milwaukee and capped it off with Frankenweenie and sure enough we cried like little girls. Such a great movie!

Oshkosh has a new Veteran's Memorial that is in the works. We attended the dedication in honor of Ryan's Uncle Jake, who we miss very much.

October ended with the best birthday present - the start of the NBA season and my Miami Heat receiving their championship rings.

2012 YIR: September

For me, September is like Christmas Eve. It's the month before my birthday and fall is just starting. There are still some warmth in the air but there are also some brisk days where you can sit out with a cup of cocoa and enjoy a nice fire.

This year, the wonderful Dwyane Wade, came to Milwaukee as part of his book tour and I got to go! I love the Miami Heat and dWade. He is incredibly handsome but more importantly a fantastic role model. Needless to say, I had to make sure the hubs was properly attired.

The line was long and it went by quick but I was able to snap a picture and thank him for everything he's done for kids that watch him on TV.

The month ended with the Ruddy's picking up Annie after they enjoyed a trip to Ireland. The treats they brought back were tasty but a little potent. :D

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2012 YIR: August

August was a fun month. I enjoyed a trip to Chicago for work and learned about and played an amazing game - Cards Against Humanity!

It is truly the best and worst game at the same time and I wish I could find people to play with more often.

We ended the month with a backyard lobster bake filled with wonderful food and bugs ... mostly because I didn't think about checking for and removing the hornet's nest that took up residence in our basketball hoop.

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2012 YIR: July

I love July! It's usually the warmest month in Wisconsin and yet cooler than most of the cooler months in Florida. It's the end of strawberry season, which means I'm enjoying the fruits of my one day of picking. One of my favorite new recipes is a Peach and Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. I think I made it about 10 times. SO delicious!

July brought the end of Christopher Nolan's Batman in the form of Dark Knight Rises, which for me was good but not great. Crazy, I know, because I LOVE Batman. I enjoyed everything that Nolan has done with Batman but I wasn't crazy about how he handled Talia only because I have the biggest crush on her (I do mean Talia in all forms ... the comic book Talia, the Animated Series and Marion Cotillard is of course smoking hot) and wanted her role to be so much more. Also, movie premiers bring out the weirdest people. It's enjoyable. :D
To celebrate Margie's birthday, we enjoyed a trip to the Mall of America. I do have to say there was some poor planning on my part because I didn't even realize there was a Container Store in the area until we were leaving at the end of our trip and there was no way the hubs was stopping.