21 January 2013

Change is good

In case you didn't know, my bro, @drastudio, is amazballs! He's always answering dumb questions I have and is currently in the process of helping make my lame blog look a little fancier, which I why I haven't finished posting my 2012 year in review and also because I've been a bit lazy.

So we're moving ... sorta. I was using GoDaddy as my domain registrar but based on his recommendation, I'm trying out Hover. I was only able to renew for a year because I'm transferring but maybe that's a good thing. Tiny commitments. :p

09 January 2013

2012 YIR: June

June started with the discovery of a fancy Coca-Cola machine at one of my favorite burger places, Five Guys. While it's super high tech and shiny, the Cherry Coke mix isn't quite right.

Margie and I also went on vacations ... I went to Seattle and she went to the 954.

Grandma Dolly and I got to check out the King Tut exhibit at the museum and it was filled with lots of fancy things. Fun fact: I love to play Senet!

I learned how to make a unique rice recipe from one of my uncles that I am so glad I never photographed ... yuck!

Once I got back home, I received a fantastic surprise from Margie - Publix cake!

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2012 YIR: May

Hmm .. looking back it seems like May was even lamer than April but not really because May starts with the best day ever - Comic Book day!!!

I got this super, sweet Batman inking along with some really nice free comics and deals.

The month of May also means it's just about time to BBQ without having layers and layers of clothes on or paying crazy prices for corn on the cob.

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2012 YIR: April

April was kind of a boring month. That is Wissy ... cold and boring while you wait for Spring to come and melt all the dirty snow and ice.

We did work on our bathroom. (I hate projects.)

Rocky and I cheered for our favorite team - the Miami Heat.

And I got bored and chopped off all my hair ... well a lot of my hair and I didn't actually chop it off myself. Sylvia the brave did. She was super nervous but I promised that I wouldn't be mad at her even if I hated it.

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2012 YIR: March

Is it March that comes in like a lion or April .. I get confused with that and frankly I'm too lazy to Google right now.

Margie and I went to Mary Poppins at the PAC and it was fantastic!!! We donated some money to the Broadway AIDS thing and got a backstage tour. It was super nerdy to see how everything works.

I also discovered Draw Something and become a bit obsessed although now only a couple people play with me.

We ended the month with the wonderful Jenny visiting us from San Fran. We had a great time at the Milwaukee Museum, eating at Nakashimas and bowling.

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2012 YIR: February

I had a blast in February ... I FINALLY ordered something from Lobstergram instead of always just looking and made the hubs a great Vday meal.

I got a fancy new jersey and a lovely cookie cake ... noms!

My sister and I found @Questlove on the way to the record store ... fine, it was a sticker but still. (haters)

AND, I ended the month going to the NBA All Star Weekend in Orlando with my brother, David.

Since I was in Orlando, it just seemed right to hit up my favorite place - the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Harry Potter land to me). I < 3 butterbeer.

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2012 YIR: January

I started the year getting a wonderful Gryffindor scarf that I was super stoked about ... only to have my dreams dashed when the sorting had put me in Ravenclaw.

I also got a molcajete from my Tia in Texas and I started the fun task of seasoning it. Blech.

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06 January 2013

Man, I am the world's shittiest blogger. I haven't posted a damn thing in over a year. Meanwhile Facebook, Twitter and Instagram get all my love. It's a shame too because I've done so much crap this past year.

Maybe I should follow up this post with a 2012 year in review with some photos .... seems like a good idea. Then I can tell you about my Pinterest challenge for January, which I think I'm going to fail today.