31 May 2011

29 May 2011

Sunny Days

Took forever but I finally got the Sunny Days achievement in Plants v. Zombies!!

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22 May 2011

Watching @MIAMIHeat & @dwadeofficial on TNT.

Hoping that the Heat and my Basketball boyfriend win tonight!

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21 May 2011

Watching Ryan play Mortal Kombat.

The two Ryans are having a video game marathon this weekend. I'm sure they've played at least 100 rounds of Mortal Kombat. Finish him!

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18 May 2011

Photo of @beawesomemargie from the Museum

We couldn't take any photos when we toured the Mummies of the World Exhibit but we did take a few around other parts of the museum.

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17 May 2011

Hanging with @beawesomemargie

Margie and I had a great day. We got to have Chocolate Creme donuts from Dunkin Donuts, see mummies at the museum and shop at Trader Joes. I think the one thing that sealed it as a great sister outing was our lunch at Checkers.

Not only did we have a really friendly drive thru guy, our order was right and the fries extra hot and delicious. Oh and the fake flavor banana shake was superb. Not sure how we are gonna top this trip. Although we did see a note in one of the flyers about spending the night at the museum. If Shawn and Gus can do it, then why not us!!!

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Blogspot Settings

Okay. So I had to switch archiving to weekly and also set my max post per page to 5. We'll see if that works. Even though it's been back and forth with the settings, it still seems easier than trying to code and/or learn something newer. I think I'm just lazy.

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iWeb iWeb iWeb

Maybe this did it. I ended up opening inspector and went into layout. I changed my content width to 900px and my height to 2250px. I also set a page and browser background to match my blogger theme. A few dozen reloads and it seems better. I did have to center and resize to make it nice. Time will tell.

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Tricky Tricky

Okay so I had to length the overall frame (not the i-frame) in iWeb. I have it set to 2655px but I may be able to shorten it slightly. Seems like it's gonna be a trial and error thing.

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Hmmmm ... maybe the blogspot/iWeb plan is weak

So potential issue with updating. The frame doesn't allow scrolling. It might be a simple fix or a potential fail. This seemed too easy. Blah!!

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Naughty Naughty (nsfw?)

Like any other immature person, I found these exhibits amusing.

Humans are funny. Even if they lived thousands of years ago.

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Today Margie and I went to the Milwaukee Museum to see Mummies of the World. After watching the IMAX show, we had some time to kill and enjoyed the butterfly exhibit.

I'm justing testing for now so I'll start with one photo.

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Mexico Wins!

Since Oscar (drastudio.com) is in Mexico on a missions trip, I had to come up with a way to update my blog from my iPad. I have a Blogger account but kinda like iWeb but since Apple doesn't love it as much as their other products I was kinda stuck. Google Google Google ... hmm ... I decided I would try embedding my blogspot stuff on my page. Did a test and so far so good. I'm gonna try a fairly big post soon with photos. Yikes!